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My 2 1/2 year old grandson was not talking in English-just gibbering his own language. The minute his mother started playing DVD 1, he would sit, enthralled, and after a week, he started saying the words. Now he has mastered DVD 2. He still continues to jabber on, but he stops when he sees a recognizable object and says the word for it. We are completely grateful for the simplistic, but effective way you have presented the basic vocabulary for a child. Thank you so much.    -    Pat


Action Words! 1

Video Magic Award Winner - From "jump" to "sleep," 20 verbs are introduced.  10 months & up

Was: $21.95
Now: $19.95
Action Words! 2

From "laugh" to "run," 21 new verbs are introduced  10 months & up.

Action Words! 3

From "fly" to "wave," 20 new verbs are taught.   10 months & up.

Action Words! 3-DVD Set

Introduces 61 new verbs with Kids, Fun & Action! 10 months & up

All About Me

Introduces Kids to their own bodies.  More than twenty body parts are reviewed.  Appropriate for ages 4 - 18 mos. and Late Talkers

Was: $19.95
Now: $16.95
BumbleBee Kids Starter Library - Levels 1 & 2 Sets

From First Words to Verbs, this 10 DVD Set can help boost language development.   Ages 6 mos & up

Crazy for Color

Teaches Colors, Shapes and Patterns using color examples in nature, art, & the man-made world.  10 months & up

Level 1 - First Words

Appropriate For: Totally Non-Verbal Kids & Children with a Vocabulary of 50 Words or Less Ages 5 and Under. First Words was created to take the guesswork out of picking the right products for your non-verbal child. If your child is not speaking much, or not speaking at all - The First Words Set can help. 

Was: $114.75
Now: $98.95
Nouns & Verbs
Level 2 - Nouns & Verbs

For Children with 20 to 75 single words who are not yet using sentences.  The Level Two Nouns & Verbs Set teaches over 100 first nouns & verbs. Take Talking to the Next Level!  Make the move to verbs and a bigger vocabulary.  Ages 5 & Under.

Was: $99.75
Now: $84.95
Level 3 - Vocabulary Expansion

For Children with 75+ words who are not yet speaking in sentences.

Was: $123.75
Now: $98.95
Level 4 - Making Sentences!

For Children with 75+ single words  working on sentences

Was: $129.75
Now: $99.95
Level 5 - Friends & Fun

Play, Pretend and Have Fun Learning!  This 4 DVD set helps develop social and interpersonal skills.  Ages 18mos & up

Was: $101.80
Now: $84.95
Motorized Madness

A fun look at motorized vehicles!  Dump Trucks, Fire Engines & more are busy at work - 12 months & up

Olivia & Otis

A charming tale of a visit to the park introduces the concepts of friendship & play plus12 new words. 9 mos. & up

Opposites & More

A Parents' Choice Award Winning DVD,  introduces new words as "opposite pairs" using comparison & contrast,   Ages 12 mos. & up.



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